Tips for a Successful Business Trip to Darwin: Accommodation and Beyond

Aerial view of Darwin City and The Smith Hotel Darwin

Darwin Conference Venues

One of the great things about Darwin, is that it is a relatively small city. If you are in a good location, you are able to explore and get around easily. Luckily for business people travelling to the city, a lot of Darwin conference venues are situated in the central business district, which is right in the heart of Darwin. Leave a Darwin conference venue at the end of a business day, and you will find yourself in a bustling area of the city, filled with bars, restaurants and cafes.

The Smith Hotel Accommodation

The Smith Hotel is proud to offer our Darwin Accommodation. With 186 guest rooms available for both short-term and long-term, The Smith Accommodation is ideal for any business trip to Darwin. Located in a beautiful area of the city, and right at the CBD, these guest rooms are fully equipped with all the amenities you need including laundry and food and beverage facilities, an outdoor swimming pool and a gym. There is also a stylish meeting room available if you need to have any business meetings or calls during your stay.

To find out more information, reach out to the professional team at The Smith Hotel today.